In addition to our understanding of the product, we offer cooperation with strong partners for the best possible service. Another building block for innovative production.

Future Diagnostics is among Europe’s most excellent providers of development and validation services in the sector of diagnostics. They are our official partner for analytical performance studies and assay development.
Their company philosophy builds on high quality services but also on pleasant and appreciative human interaction which is well noticeable. As a company that follows the same ideals establishing a partnership with Future Dx was a logical consequence and since then both we and our customers have benefited from this cooperation.

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Founded in 2007, The DiagnostikNet BB forms a synergy from various technology fields to implement marketable innovations. This network brings together diagnostic and equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and users from clinics, routine laboratories and research facilities to cover the entire value chain of in vitro diagnostics. As part of this network, in.vent promotes innovative projects with its service and products.

DiagnostikNet BB

We have been working with the online platform Central BioHub GmbH as our sales partner since 2017, whereby in.vent offers its service of the storage and shipping of biological raw materials for third-party companies.

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engine the biomarker company has been carrying out specific biomarker screenings with protein arrays since 2016. Through our biobank, we strengthen the use of technology with sample collectives.

engine the biomarker company

NAKO Gesundheitsstudie (NAKO for short) is the nationwide health study with 200,000 participants, which started in 2014. The aim of this research project is to gain a better understanding of the development of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and others in order to improve prevention, early detection and treatment in Germany. Why does one person become ill while the other remains healthy? That is the central question that NAKO would like to answer.

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