Human Bio-Materials

Discover our variety of human bio-materials, choose from over 100,000 individual serum samples, find the right panel or collective for your assay or development project. Explore our inventory – related to matrix, diagnosis or parameters – and choose from a variety of defined products, such as control samples or pools from µl-specimens to ton-scale materials. 

human blood products

Tissues & specialties

Controls, Pools & Standards

Frozen, fresh or lyophilised, small-volume panels, bulks or extra-large pools - you will get our blood products in all conceivable configurations and always in highest quality and with extensive, impeccable documentation. Find your preferred product in fields of normal or disease state materials and choose from many preanalytical options and matrices.
Smart matrices as Saliva or tears, raw materials for further processing such as tissues or extracts and application-specific matrices such as urine, CSF or faeces are provided in a professional and routine manner. In addition, our variety of special features ranges from purified protein up to finalised assays - we enthusiastically reflect your individual needs.
Defined and standardised products as raw materials for your individual commodities or as ready-to-use internal or external controls - here you will find standard materials for all stages of development and marketing in in-vitro diagnostics. The highest quality standards make our products reliable and give you the required security with and without CE certification.

Es sind zwei Innovationsassistentinnen über den europäischen Sozialfond für den Aufbau folgender Innovationen:

  • Die geplante betriebliche Innovation soll zum Aufbau des Teilbereichs in.vent Clinical Services (ICS) beitragen, um die Dienstleistung des Planens, Durchführens und Dokumentierens von diagnostischen Studien für die diagnostische Industrie, entsprechend der neuesten gesetzlichen Vorgaben anbieten und durchführen zu können.
  • Entwicklung und Implementierung von plattformunabhängigen Testsystemen, und Rohstoffen, spezifischer humaner Biomaterialien sowie Kontrollproben zur Verbesserung der Schilddrüsen-Diagnostik als IVD-Produktpalette.
Qualification measures:

Growing Organisation; Adaption of Qualification to new market demands, project areas and fields of production

To achieve the goal, that invent persist at the international market, qualification for current and new employees were conducted as follows:

  • training in online-marketing,
  • in contract law and
  • in business basics for executive leadership with scientific background.

New employees acquired competences in the fields of:

  • data protection,
  • medical devices advice,
  • internal auditing,
  • performance assessment of in-vitro diagnostics as well as
  • project management

In the field of production, knowledge of macro programming was gained for digitization.

The measures were funded through the European Social Fund and the state of Brandenburg for the period 2019 – 2021.