Single Donations and Pools for research of allergies

We offer various samples for the research of allergies, including single donations (panels and bulks) for the validation of test systems. Furthermore, we produce pools and controls. These are mainly used for external and internal quality control (e.g. proficiency testing). For this purpose, a selection of standard products with various allergens with sIgE and tIgE values is available.

The in.vent products are for research or manufacturing purposes only and are therefore not intended for direct therapeutic or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Furthermore, we follow the highest ethical standards in the procurement of samples. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Why is research into allergies important?

Currently, about 30 million people in Germany suffer from one or more allergies. An allergy is a disorder in the immune system, which leads to hypersensitivity to normally harmless environmental substances. The immune system of the allergy sufferer is not able to establish or maintain a tolerance to the substance in question. The body develops so-called antibodies. The IgE antibody subclass is specific for many different allergens. When bound to an allergen, a defense reaction with the release of various substances, primarily histamine, is triggered.

Our portfolio includes the following allergens:

Animal Hair

  • e1 Cat
  • e2 Dog
  • e3 Horse

Grasses and Pollen

  • t2 Alder
  • t3 Birch
  • t4 Hazel
  • t7 Oak
  • w1 Ragweed
  • w6 Mugwort
  • w9 Plantago

House Dust and Moulds

  • d1 Mite (
  • d2 Mite (der.fa.)
  • m1 Penic. notatum
  • m2 Cladosp. tart.
  • m3 Aspergill.
  • m6 Alternaria old.


  • f1 Egg White, f75 Egg Yolks
  • f2 Milk, f45 Yeast
  • f4 Wheat Flour, f5 Rhy Flour
  • f13 Peanut, f17 Hazelnut
  • f20 Almond, f49 Apple
  • f84 Kiwi, f237 Apricot
  • f25 Tomato, f31 Carrot
  • f35 Potato, f85 Celery
  • f3 Cod, f23 Crab

Composition and documentation of the Allergy samples

Our samples consist of native human bio-material without additives. All titres are based on current availability. In addition, we provide detailed information for each product, including: Titer, Volume, Matrix, Shelf Life, Test Kit and Test Manufacturer. For single donors, we also add information such as age, gender of the donor and the measured laboratory result.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to send us individual enquiries regarding matrix, volume and allergens. Our Inquiry Form is available for this purpose.