Disease State Donations

Our panels, pools and individual donations from disease-state donors are designed for use in the entire value chain of in-vitro diagnostics. Due to their high quality and defined specifications, they are suitable for use in research and development, for use in diagnostic test kits and for proficiency testing.


Total and/or specific IgE, Bulks und Panels used as interference parameter or specific marker in native matrices.

Autoimmune Diseases

Diagnosis- or parameter-related samples with extensive documentation in panels or large-volume individual donations.


We offer you panels and sample collections with various corona viruses - including SARS-CoV-2.


Native diabetes type I or type II samples, diagnosis-related and / or with positively measured, characteristic parameters.

Drug Abuse

CDT as a reliable marker for alcohol abuse. Available in native samples as a panel, individual donations or pool.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Native human materials of normal pregnancies and pregnancy-related diseases and samples with charactiristic hormone status. 


We offer a wide range of biomarkers of different matrices (e.g. serum and plasma) and volumes with detailed patient documentation.

Infectious Diseases

Native samples with positive infectious status for a large number of known pathogens as panels, large-volume individual donations and pools.

Lyme Diseases

We offer lyme disease samples in different matrices in panels or bulk donations with detailed sample documentation for your R&D department.


Diagnostic and parameter-specific and overlapping panels, as well as large-volume individual donations with extensive clinical documentation.


PCT as a reliable sepsis marker in a native environment in panels made of disease-state material or spiked for defined pools and control samples.

Thyroid Diseases

Native samples with extensive analysis data on thyroid hormones and diagnosis-associated parameters with defined titers and correlation of several parameters.

Get convinced of our high quality standards: Our large-volume individual donations are standardly available with negative infectious disease status. This includes a negative result for HIV I / II antibodies, HBsAg and HCV antibodies in CE-marked test systems. There are test-samples available for our bulk materials and we are happy to provide side samples from our pools.

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