Samples and controls for COVID-19 research

For the research of COVID-19 and its pathogen SARS-CoV-2, we offer various samples, including single donations (panels and bulks) for the validation of test systems. Furthermore, we produce pools and controls. These are mainly used for external and internal quality control (e.g. proficiency testing). For this purpose, a selection of standard products is available with SARS-CoV-2 positive and negative samples as well as with other coronaviruses.

The in.vent products are for research or manufacturing purposes only and are therefore not intended for direct therapeutic or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Furthermore, we follow the highest ethical standards in the procurement of samples. If you have any questions in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Why is research into COVID-19 important?

COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) is a viral disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. It was first discovered in Wuhan in 2019 and has spread worldwide. It is mainly caused by droplet infection, but also by smear infection or infection through the conjunctiva of the eyes.

Our portfolio includes the following Biomarkers:

Viral Infectious Diseases

  • CMV
  • EBV
  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • diagnosed Influenza

Non-SARS Corona Viruses

  • HKU1
  • NL63
  • OC43
  • 229E


Composition and documentation of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 samples

Our samples consist of native human bio-material without additives. All titres are based on current availability. In addition, we provide detailed information for each product, including: Titer, Volume, Matrix, Shelf Life, Test Kit and Test Manufacturer. For single donors, we also add information such as age, gender of the donor and the measured laboratory result.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to send us individual enquiries regarding matrix, volume and biomarker. Our Inquiry Form is available for this purpose.